Real Time Screen Capture Software (Daxun SCS)

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Product Overview

Daxun SCS is a real time screen capture software for windows which enables users to real time capture their PC screen, then convert into RTSP stream output for various uses. For example,it can cast the computer screen on the video wall or be used as IP camera to output RTSP stream of PC screen on surveillance software platform. Or it can be used as computer screen monitoring software. Boss can real time monitor what his employees are doing on the PC screen etc. It integrates data collection, encoding and pushing stream services in one software, has characteristics of low delay, high efficiency and low packet loss.

Screen Capture Software Key Benefit

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Real Time Screen Capture

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RTSP Stream Output

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Screen Capture Software Applications

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SCS Features

  • ■ Operation System: Windows 7 or above.

  • ■ Real time capture entire screen (if there is an audio on computer, it can collect data of audio too. ), encode and convert into RTSP stream.

  • ■ Auto adapt to monitor’s display resolution. When screen capturing, the software allows users to set their monitor’s resolution.

  • ■ Output: RTSP stream.

  • ■ Frame rate: 25fps or 30fps.

  • ■ Encoding: H.264/MPEG4.

  • ■ Share a RTSP link to the video wall, third party platform or player etc.

  • ■ High stability, low packet loss and low delay.