Video Surveillance Management Software: SVMS Professional

Distributed and comprehensive video surveillance system

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Product Overview

Video Management Software SVMS Pro is a centralized management software platform provided by Hangzhou Daxun Digital Technology Co.,Ltd for integrating and managing security systems. It captures, gathers and manages the video data from front-end 3rd party security devices of different brands, protocols, and types, provides centralized video monitoring, alarm detection, alarm host, access control, e-map, video wall, face recognition,license plate, AI alarm, and more.

It’s designed to support an unrestricted number of cameras, devices and servers. Including video central monitoring, video wall, multi-layered maps, access control and full alarm management capabilities, operators have a complete overview of the entire installation, making it the ideal choice for institutions such as schools,hotels, retails chains, and manufacturing industries.

Powerful and simple to operate

SVMS Pro is powerful and easy to use with an intuitive interface so anyone can manage the system, handle incidents and quickly export high-definition evidence. What’s more, it matches with various major brands network video products and features to offer you a complete, flexible, safe and reliable system. Users can DIY logo, icons and background image all by themselves.

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Video surveillance and more

■ Easily capture and collect video from various brands of front-end video devices.

■ Interactive video monitoring.

■ Local, network and cloud-based video storage options.

■ Tag the important video.

■ Quick and convenient search and playback.

■ Intuitive E-map display.

■ Smart video wall control.

■ Video alarm verification.

Network voice intercom for two-way communication with remote staff and control center.

■ Face recognition display and search.

■ License plate recognition display and search.

Integration with access control, IoT system and more

SVMS Pro also integrates multi-brands access control management, alarm host management, user management, IoT system and more, enables video monitoring and alarm linkage with each sub-systems, gives you the best system performance in the industry while lowering the overall system costs.

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An image of mobile monitoring app

Mobile viewing app for remote monitoring

iSVMS Mobile viewing APP makes it easy to keep up with events from surveillance site even from other locations. It offers easy access to multiple systems and other features such as live view with selectable channels, timeline visualization of recorded events, snapshots in live view and playback as well as control of network voice intercom.

Key Benefit

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Scales as business grows

By virtue of a flexible and scalable architecture, the platform can be scaled as your business needs evolve. You can expand it from a small 100-channel system to an ulta-large-scale system that links up to 1000,000 channels of equipment.

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Simplifies deployment

There is no need to dismantle the original network security system, without changing the original monitoring deployment, the independent network video surveillance systems in various places can be easily managed together with powerful SVMS Pro platform through cascading.

An image of SVMS Pro video integration and open feature

Integrated and open

Allows integration of other systems and device via API, SDK, Onvif, EHOME/ISUP, GA/T1400,GB/T28181 etc;Offers RTSP,RTMP, HTTP-FLV,HLS, REST API,Web Socket etc for the third-party development.

Custom video surveillance


Meet customers’ personalized needs and assists them in formulating their market competitive advantage.

SVMS Pro Application

Video management software SVMS Professional applications

SVMS Pro Architecture

The SVMS Pro platform adopts component-based, modular design and master-slave open flexible architecture. That is one master control server supports multiple storage or streaming media slave/sub servers.Users can configure multiple streaming media and storage servers according to the requirements of the projects to realize appropriate streaming allocation and reduce the pressure of the master control server. With the increasing number of requesting video or the more needs for long time storage, users only need to increase the number of streaming media or storage slave/sub servers without change the original deployment, so as to meet the comprehensive requirements for system reliability, scalability,security and load capacity in the actual networking.

video surveillance system components of SVMS Pro service

SVMS Pro Features

(The SVMS Pro platform adopts component-based, modular design and master-slave open flexible architecture, which brings features below.)

Unified & flexible modular plugins.

video surveillance system architecture modular plugins of SVMS Pro

Component-based modular design enable platform to combine various modular application plug-ins under a unified on-demand architecture for collaboration across business segments. What’s more, new plug-ins can be continually developed to meet new business needs.

Meet the requirements of users’ large concurrent access.

An image of master-slave video management system architecture of SVMS Pro to meet the requirements of users’ large concurrent access

Master-slave architecture allows one master control server can be equipped with any number of slave stream media servers. When the clients request video,the algorithm of master server will evaluate th e load capacity of each server, then allocate appropriate access to the stream media servers,so as to achieve the optimal stream distribution for the clients. The clients can obtain real-time video or video playback directly from stream media server. In this way it greatly reduces the pressure of the master control server, avoids the impact of heavy media streams on control and management information.Thus with the increasing number of requesting video at the same time, users only need to increase the number of stream media servers.

Meet the requirements of large data long time storage.

Surveillance video storage

Master-slave architecture allows one master control server can be equipped with any number of slave storage servers. One slave storage server can be installed many disk groups ( including IPSAN, NAS etc) . Therefore when the bandwidth is enough, users only need to increase the number of storage server, so as to meet the requirements of long-time recording and provide higher storage performance.

Strong mixed management capability of multi brands surveillance devices and security Systems

Integrated security system

SVMS Professional platform can capture, gather and manage the video data from on-site third-party surveillance devices (such as IP cameras, NVR etc) and integrate security systems (such as alarm host system,access control system etc) of different bands, protocols, and types via SDK, ONVIF, RTSP, EHOME/ISUP,GA/T1400, GB/T 28181 and proprietary protocols, so as to provide reliable,effective and stable input sources for system applications.

Support cascading of multiple platforms

Security platforms

■ Support Hikvision (ISC,9800,8200,7600,7200)Platforms.

■ Support Dahua (DSSPro, 7016) Platforms.

■ Support Uniview VMS Platform;Tiandy Platform;CSVision Platform;NetPosa Platform.

■ Support IMOU Cloud Platform; EZVIZ Cloud Platform.

Support all kinds of cloud.

SVMS Pro Cloud-security. SVMS pro can be deployed on the cloud.

■ Support Aliyun Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Baidu AI Cloud, JingDong Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Kingsoft etc. You can build SVMS Professional platform directly on the cloud.

■ Support virtual host of VMware, Virtual box.

■ Support cloud storage S3 protocol to realize recording management on cloud.

Offers multiple protocols for third-party development and integration.

Live video streaming protocols

■ Push streaming service: GB/T28181, RTSP,RTMP, HTTP-FLV,HLS, REST API,Web Socket etc are provided to push to the upper application platform.

■ Offers GB/T28181, RTSP,RTMP, HTTP-FLV,HLS, REST API,Web Socket etc for the third-party development.

■ Provide HLS, HTTP-FLV, WebSocket service which enable user to preview videos across browsers without plug-ins. What’s more, they can be used for live broadcasting with strong real-time performance.

■ WebSocket: More than 6 channels can be previewed at the same time under Chrome browser.

■ GB/T28181: Support GB/T 28181-2016 (UDP/TCP),GB/T 28181-2001 protocol (UDP/TCP). Support pushing GB/T 28181 of a single device to multiple upper platforms at the same time.

■ Support GA/T1400 protocol. Support face and license plate information transmitted through GA/T1400 protocol.

Flexible deployment.

Distributed system monitoring

■ Master-slave open architecture can flexible choose centralized or distributed deployment according to the networking scale.

■ Support LAN and WAN deployment.

■ You can build SVMS Pro platform directly on the cloud or in your own company’s computer room.

■ By increasing the number of corresponding slave servers (sub servers), the platform can be scaled without affecting the current existing platform system.

■ You can expand it from a small 100-channel system to an ultra-large-scale system that links up to hundreds of thousands channels of equipment, and can be continuously scalable according to the subsequent networking and business development.

Open system architecture allows easy & convenient integration.

Integrated software system

Collaborative, goal-oriented development creates the most useful and customizable applications.Hangzhou Daxun has created an open software development kit for innovated systems to meet any particularized demand.